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The Master of Retail Psychology & Shopper Neuroscience

  • How do you grab the customer’s attention in-store?

  • What determines the success of a product or packaging?

  • What drives our purchase decisions?

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Directly applicable insights every minute

10 Online Classes

Within 10 classes you’ll discover each crucial aspect behind success in the store

Learn what really matters

Improve within your discipline with insights from 1000+ scientific studies, books and our own neuro research

You’ll never look at retail in the same way again

The store. There is literally no other place in the world where you’ll find that much psychology. And wherever there is psychology, there are opportunities for persuasion.

What determines the direction in which customers walk and which products they see? Which subtle and often unconscious environmental factors underlie a purchase decision? How does a customer make a decision when standing in front of the shelves and how does a brand make their way into this decision process? What is the secret behind effective product packaging? And how should you apply branding to guarantee long-term success?

Psychology and neuroscience provide clear answers to every one of these questions. Only in the last few years, this knowledge has made its way into the world of retail. With this training, I want to accelerate the speed of this process: one online training with all the proven insights that every retail professional should be aware of.

I promise you: you’ll never look at retail in the same way again.

Best regards,

Your instructor,

Tom van Bommel

  • “I absolutely recommend this training. Thought it was very educational and there was never a dull moment. Although I never give ratings higher than a 7 or an 8, I give this training a 9, so job well done!”

    Marcel Paquay 
    Consumer Insight Specialist at Walibi Holland               
  • “Het is fijn dat de cursus is opgedeeld in delen, daardoor kun je op een vrij moment eens een lesje volgen. Dat maakt het goed te doen/behapbaar. De reclame- voorbeelden (praktijkvoorbeelden) zijn sterk, waardoor het verhaal goed blijft hangen. Ik zou de cursus aanraden.”

    Tessa Puijk 
    Zilveren Kruis               
  • “Very insightful training! Great, specific learnings and take outs. I recommend this training.”

    Tanja Kempen 
  • “I would give this training a 9 out of 10! It’s practical, useful, and well-arranged.”

    Walter Boer 

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Unlimited lifelong access for € 970 (ex VAT).

Overview classes

  • Class 1

    The Science Behind Shopping (Not Available Yet)

    The store is a psychological cocktail. Small, specific details in store design, packaging and prices can make a big difference. In this class, you’ll discover what goes behind our surprisingly unconscious consumer behavior.


  • Class 2

    The Brain in the Store (Not Available Yet)

    People turn out to be surprisingly predictable in what they look at, walk towards and what they buy. In this class, you’ll discover all the principles in consumer behaviour that give you a head start when it comes to store design and lay-out.


  • Class 3

    Store experience & Environment (Not Available Yet)

    Emotions and behaviors of customers are unconsciously influenced by environmental factors, such as visuals, sound, scent, taste and touch. In this class, we’ll take emotion and experience and make it scientific and applicable for every retail professional.


  • Class 4

    In Front of the Shelves (Not Available Yet)

    There is no other place to influence customers’ purchase decisions as much as in front of the store shelves. In this class, you’ll learn about the psychology of effective shelf layout, how people make decisions, and what POS-communication needs in order to make the impossible possible.


  • Class 5

    Product & Packaging (Not Available Yet)

    4 out of 5 products fail. In this class, you’ll learn everything you need to know so this will never happen to you again. Esthetics, attention and desire are completely steerable once you understand the science behind these factors.


  • Class 6

    Pricing Psychology (Not Available Yet)

    A price is so much more than a price. This class will unravel the psychological techniques underlying the perfect mix of price format, design, presentation and context.


  • Class 7

    Social influence (Not Available Yet)

    Consumer behavior and store experience depend greatly on the people around us: other customers and store employees. In this class, you’ll learn about how the store’s staff can make or break a store, including multiple surprising practical implications.


  • Class 8

    The Shopping Trip (Not Available Yet)

    The mindset of the customer isn’t set in stone. Every step of the shopping trip is a potential turning point for impulsivity, sensitiveness to prices, need for variation, and desire to purchase. After this class, you’ll master every step of the shopping trip – from the shop’s entrance to the cash register.


  • Class 9

    Omnichannel, Tech & Online (Not Available Yet)

    Retail cannot be separated from other channels and is constantly evolving because of new innovations on the shop floor. How do you give retail a fruitful place within the marketing mix? And what are underlying factors that determine whether innovations fail or succeed? After this class, you’ll know.


  • Class 10

    Branding (Not Available Yet)

    Branding is haunted by myths. Because of these myths, the real potential of branding in retail environments rarely reaches its full potential. In this class, we’ll refute the worst practices and look at what really works for brands when they want to maximize their territory within the customer’s mind.

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The investment to participate in this training is 970 (ex vat). Consider this: are you happy with the effectiveness of the commercial campaigns, or do you want it to be higher? If the effectiveness is too low, the neuromarketing commercial training is the investment that solves this issue.

Unlimited lifelong access
for €970 (ex vat)