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The Complete Neuromarketing Essentials

👩‍💻 Learn everything about neuromarketing in 9 online lessons

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  • What truly is neuromarketing?

  • How to use brain data for more impact

  • What neuro insights can be applied directly?

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Learn The Neuromarketing Essentials straight from the source

Directly applicable

No theory or Latin terminology but a 100% focus on insights that are directly applicable

9 Online Lessons

During 9 classes – each with the length of a TED talk (20 min) – we will sink our teeth into everything: from why and how to practical brain insights

Learn what really matters

Hundreds of studies, books and internal studies – reduced to what you really need to know about neuromarketing

Thought by neuromarketeer Tim Zuidgeest

500+ people have already taken this course 👇

  • René Spaanderman | Rating: a big fat 8.5

    I absolutely recommend this course

    I found this course extremely interesting. I thought the combination of theory and insights from (one’s own) studies was especially powerful. Thanks to the short snackable videos you can always find a moment and place to get going with the course. And your enthusiasm is contagious, Tim!

  • Vito Beekhuizen | Rating: 7

    Idefinitely recommend this course

    Because of this course I have gotten even more curious about neuromarketing. The training was pleasantly practical. I give this training a 7 out of 10! I found your enthusiasm noteworthy, fun to watch, and I easily picked up the information.

  • Albert Veerman | Rating: 9

    I recommend this course

    Easy to understand and has wonderful supporting examples, taken from practice. The enthusiasm with which Tim explains is contagious and motivating. Recommended!

  • Rick Verhallen | Rating: 8,5

    I definitely recommend this course

    The course was very informative! With the help of clear examples and explanations it seems to be understandable for anyone. On top of that, the different insights are very valuable!

  • Iris Latiers | Rating: 9

    I definitely recommend this course

    This whole course brought me back to the reason why I find marketing so interesting! The topics were very diverse and Tim gave lots of examples. Everything got explained well and the videos had the perfect duration, which made it fun to watch a part of the training every single day.

  • Jay Krauweel | Rating: 9

    I recommend this course

    It’s nice that you can apply the given information and examples to TV commercials and look how these could be improved from a neuromarketing point of view.

  • Geert Torfs | Rating: 9

    I definitely recommend this course

    It’s interesting to get basic insights into the different principles of neuromarketing! I found it particularly important that it wasn’t a sales pitch for your services.

  • Tom | Rating: 9

    I recommend this course

    The course includes nice and interesting insights regarding neuromarketing and conducting neuromarketing research.

    Unravel is a proud member of the international Neuromarketing Science & Business Association

    The University of Tilburg and Unravel are collaborating in order to extend the base of knowledge regarding AI and machine learning in neuroscience

    A word from the instructor

    After finishing my degree in Economic & Consumer Psychology, I felt as if I was missing something. The foundations of consumer behaviour had been laid but how did neuromarketing really work? What do you need to take a look inside the brain? How do you translate brain waves into practical insights?

    Now, almost 10 years later, our company Unravel does neuro-research for global brands such as Heineken, Nutricia and ING.

    All of that knowledge and experience was translated into this training. This is everything I wished I knew on the first day of my own career in neuromarketing.

    Best regards,

    See the first lesson for free

    Curious? Scroll down to find the first lesson for free! In this lessen several techniques will be explained, guaranteed is that you will learn something about neuromarketing

    About Unravel

    At Unravel we apply neuromarketing into practice every day. On one hand through our daily neuromarketing research, which is used to unravel the fundamental laws behind effective marketing practices. On the other hand by providing advice based on numerous insights from scientific papers and our own research.

    A real treasure of directly applicable knowledge – which we will not keep to ourselves alone. Unravel Academy helps you to get comfortable with influencing techniques which are of great importance to your aera of marketing. These are insights which are and will be of use throughout the rest of your career.

    The experts of Unravel are previously seen on:

    The Complete Neuromarketing Essentials

    👉 Now for €297 (excl. VAT)

    • More than 3 hours of video material
    • A lifetime long unlimited access
    • Certificate
    • Summaries of all lessons (PDF)
    • Bonus: Case study on Fanta commercial
    Try it for 100 days. Not satisfied? You’ll get a refund, no questions asked.

    “Easy to understand and full of practical examples to support the materials. Tim’s enthusiastic approach to teaching and providing insights is contagious and motivating

    A real recommendation “

    Albert Veerman | Grade: 9

    Overview classes

    • 01
      What is neuromarketing? (FREE preview)

      3 videos · 26 min

      First the basics. What is neuromarketing, and why is it important? 
      Do people say what they do? And do they do what they say?

    • 02
      The Intuitive vs. the Rational Mind

      2 videos · 19 min

      Learn everything about our two minds. Persuade yourself by seeing how we can trick ourselves. And understand what implications this has for marketing research.

    • 03
      The Fundamentals of neuromarketing research

      2 videos · 27 min

      What tools can you use to look inside the mind? What do those outputs look like? Learn how you can actually predict sales with these techniques. And why focus groups are the biggest sin in market research.

    • 04
      Subconscious e-commerce

      2 videos · 28 min

      Let’s get practical. Learn what neuro usability is and when you should apply it. We’ll conclude with the 5 key insights we’ve learned from all our research.

    • 05
      Brick and mortar behaviour

      1 videos · 12 min

      Take a look inside in-store neuromarketing research. Learn how researchers achieved a 36% increase in sales by looking at the brain. And dive into the 5 key insights from what we’ve learned from our own research.

    • 06
      Packaging Psychology

      2 videos · 23 min

      Did you know that a mistake in packaging design cost a popular brand almost 6 million euros in sales? Learn how you can avoid that by applying what you’ll learn in this lesson. We’ll also take a deep dive in our own ground breaking study where we predicted in-store sales based purely on packaging design. Of course we’ll end this lesson with the 5 most important insights.

    • 07
      Persuasive TV advertising

      2 videos · 21 min

      Learn what percentage of TV commercials actually decrease sales, and how you can prevent that from happening. We’ll take a closer look at the PepsiCo Bubly case. And we’ll finish with the 5 brain insights we see over and over again in our neuro data.

    • 08
      Psychological pricing

      1 videos · 14 min

      In pricing, everything seems to be relative. How then can you measure the optimal price point? Or the best price communication? We’ll cover everything you need to know in this lesson. The 5 practical insights are filled with tips you can apply right away to increase your effectiveness in consumer sales.

    • 09
      Branding psychology

      2 videos · 24 min

      Most people have a wrong idea about branding is. In theory, it’s simple. In practice we’ll have to learn about memory, brand assets and how you can measure them. The last 5 insights of this course will tell you everything you need to know to get the basics of branding right.

    • Bonus
      Case study Fanta commercial

      1 video · 21 min

      Let’s get practical. What does a typical commercial study look like? In this case study we’re going to analyse a TVC from Fanta.

    Incompany trainingen

    Besides our online training, we are happy to help you find a suitable training for you. Depending on your current knowledge and experience in Neuromarketing we can put together a tailored training. It is up to you to discuss with your team what you would like to learn, we will put together a suited training.

    More than 99% of participants recommend our courses

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    10 years of knowledge and experience, a big pile of books and papers, summarized in a training of 9 lessons with the length of a TED-talk (+/- 20 min).

    This is everything I wanted to know when I started in the wonderful world of neuromarketing.

    Not sure if this is for you? Watch the first lesson for free!

    We offer a 100 days money return policy. No explanation necessary.

    This way we can guarantee a 100% satisfaction rate.

    The Complete Neuromarketing Essentials

    €297 (excl. VAT)

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    • Lifetime unlimited access

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    • Bonus: Case study Neuromarketing & Commercial

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